Thursday, December 3, 2015


Our objective is an inclusive platform for all humanity to come together as one.

Our story begins with a man whose sons died before him; one murdered and the other from heart failure. Their ages were 17 and 20 respectively. William, whom I called "Billy" in his teen years and "Will" as he grew into an adult, was not only my son but my best friend, comrade, and love of my life. We often talked about an array of subjects and current events. Our conversations were fluid, open and honest. I miss William deeply and wish I could hold another conversation with him about one of his favorite things, music. A subject he held a passion for and loved. He “Will” dreamed of being an intricate part of defining and articulating what he referred to as the universal language.  He referred to the jazz legend, John Coltrane’s statement about music as his mantra: "To be a musician is something. It goes very, very deep. My music is the spiritual expression of what I am my faith, my knowledge, my being. When you begin to see the possibilities of music, you desire to do something magnificent for people, to help humanity free itself from its hang-ups."

The ripple effect of his death, the unlawful killing of a human being by a man with a "depraved heart” has no bounds. With a single rock, thrown into the sea; it changes everything forever. The murdering of my son, I lost a son, his mother lost a son; his brother lost a brother, and so the effect continued and will continue forever. An emptiness remains in each of us until we die, and probably after we die. Try understanding this pain.

I hear the tortured voice of my son crying out for vindication. I close my eyes for rest, and see his face and hear his voice. Words alone cannot describe the pain and sorrow I feel. Upon learning of the death of my son and how he was murder, I cried for days. I am saddened every day when I think of him. All parents, I believe, hope and pray that their children live longer than themselves. The last thing we want to hear; "Your son or daughter has died, and she or he was murder." A child dying from some incurable disease is one thing, but murder is beyond comprehension.

I believe society is entitled to take the life of those who have shown utter contempt for the lives of others. We tarnish the memory of the dead and heap needless misery on their families by letting the perpetrators live or receive short sentencing.

This blog is to raise all voices of children prematurely murdered, and their parents who must continue onward despite the pain.

If you are one of the many, share your loved one’s legacy, music, poetry, dreams, goals, art and anything you feel important that can help others.

Remember: “We Are One!”

By James H. Williams

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  1. Great post enjoyed!! Intelligent, compassionate, giving, and love!!!

  2. Writing with tear-filled eyes...the pain and grief that we are left with is often too mich to bear. I miss my brother Billy. I niss him a lot. Often times I think of what he would think about me now as a grown up. All the fun tomes we soent together. Heaven couldn't wait for him. But he is dearly missed.


  4. An eye for an eye never brings peace nor an end to pain and grief. Read up on Restorative Justice as practiced in prisons here, modeled on practices in South Africa, Rwanda and other countries where atrocities were perpetrated on a horrifying large scale. If they can forgive, so can we. Forgiving doesn't mean forgetting nor does it excuse what was done.

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  6. Wow Super heart!!! Infinite Love & HealingšŸ˜ #SOAR